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What is the different between your free and Pro apps?

There is no difference in features and functionality between these 2 products, just different pricing models. Pocket Earth is free but requires in-app purchases to access maps offline, whereas our Pro app include access to world-wide standard maps offline and only offers a single in-app purchase for the extra topographic maps.

If you want to save money and only need access to a single country you can get the free app and pay in-app for only the country you need, but otherwise, we recommend getting the Pro version for world-wide maps access. The Pro version may also be used across devices within Apple’s Family Sharing feature for no additional cost, while the in-app purchases in the free app are not transferable. (This is Apple’s rules, not ours, and may change in the future.)

If you use our free app without any in-app purchases, you may still use the maps online and download a single city for offline use.

Do you offer an Android or Windows Phone version?

We are working on an Android version of Pocket Earth, but do not have an ETA for when it will be available. Please check back in the future.

We do not have plans to bring Pocket Earth to Windows Phone or any other platforms at this time.

How can I recover access to paid features on a second or new device?

You can use our app and any in-app purchases you have made on as many Apple devices as you like, provided they are all using your same AppleID (and provided its the exact same product).

Please note we have to separate apps which are functionally equivalent but separate products. A free version called Pocket Earth, and a paid version called Pocket Earth Pro. Please be sure you are trying to access the same version that you used in the past. If you are unsure you can check for the Apple email receipt or in your Apple purchase/download history. If you have the app on another device, you can also check there – If its the Pro version then you will see a PRO banner over the corner of the app icon on your launch screen.

To restore in-app purchases, go to the Add-ons screen and tap the Restore Purchases link at the bottom.

If the above does not work, then you can purchase the Pro app or the same exact in-app purchase again on another device, and Apple will not charge you again for it. Even though it says it will charge you, after you agree, it will say you already purchased it and will not be charged. In this case, it will Not email you a payment receipt as there was no new payment.

For refunds, please contact Apple directly.

Why does the GPS take such a long time to find my location?

The iPhone uses A-GPS (Assisted GPS) and can take longer to get an initial location fix when both Cellular and WiFi are off. It usually takes 10-30 seconds, but can sometimes be up to 2 minutes if the GPS hasn’t been on recently. After the initial location fix, location updates should arrive normally every second.

In some cases it may fail completely to get a fix on the GPS satellites this is usually because of being indoors or surrounded by terrain which blocks the line of sight to the satellites.

If the GPS never works, please make sure you have given Pocket Earth access to your Location in the system settings menu’s Privacy Settings. Background Location access permission is required if you wish to use the Routing or Track Recording features when the app is not on screen.

You can tap the GPS button in Pocket Earth to enable or disable the GPS. Disabling the GPS when not needed will save battery.

How do I avoid motorways or control the route path better?

If you open the Route Info screen (such as by tapping on the Route Info bar), you can change the transport mode and set restrictions.

The “Driving: Shortest” mode tends to avoid motorways more than the “Driving: Fastest” mode giving you a more scenic trip. It may however take you over less established and poorer quality roads depending on which country you are in.

You can also control the Route path by pressing anywhere on the route line on the map for 1 second until an orange control point appears, then drag it to a desired through road.

Can I create a route when offline?

Currently you must be online to plan a route, but you can save it for use with voice guided turn by turn directions when offline. A typical use case would be to plan a multi-stop sightseeing tour from the WiFi at your hotel, and then use it while out and about.

You can always use the GPS to see your current location on the map even when offline. And thus navigate “manually” if needed.

We are working on a full offline routing engine but do not have an ETA for when it will be available. Pocket Earth was never intended as a routing app originally and most other offline map apps do not offer this functionality either. We added online routing based on user requests and we hope to extend this to offline routing in a coming app update.

The map data quality is not as good as I expected.

Our maps are based on data from the community driven open mapping project called OpenStreetMap (OSM). While it has excellent data in many locations, it may be lacking in others. If you have the time and interest, you can join the project and help contribute missing POI or other details by visiting their website and editing the maps there. We update the map data in Pocket Earth once per month to the latest available information. By contributing to OSM you are not only improving the maps in Pocket Earth but in thousands of other apps and websites which are powered by this community project!

We recommend reviewing the quality of the maps for your desired area before purchase – either by trying it in our free app or by viewing them on our website. Please note that currently Pocket Earth does show more map details in the app than on our website.

How big is the Pocket Earth team? Will you respond to my support request if I contact you?

We are a tiny company of just 2 people. We created this app because we love travel and the outdoors. We strive to make the best app we can, and are happy to respond to your requests! However, we can not always respond immediately and taking the time to respond takes away time we would otherwise spend developing our next app update. For this reason, we ask that you first consult our FAQ, Help Manual, Tutorial Videos, and support forum before contacting us directly.

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