1.6.4 bug. App crashes often when recording track and viewing “Track To Here”.

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    I was recording a track and at the same time, viewing “Track To Here” as well.

    I would periodically change waypoints/POI to “Track to Here” to know the distance of the targeted waypoint/POI.

    The app oftentimes crashes. It appears, the app is very “clunky” it crashes. I wish I could exactly pinpoint how to do this with 1.6.4 but I was in an important journey to map out a route and to experiment with 1.6.4 any further. So instead, I used PE Bete to record the track and used 1.6.4 to “Track to Here”.

    It was a shame. I previously used MotionX GPS to do all these without any issues. The only problem I had with motionX is that apps’ inability to pre-download large map EASILY. As a comparison, I can download the whole map of South East Asia with PE in less than 30 minutes, while it would take more than 30 months for MotionX to do the same (no exaggeration on the 30 months – I already tried to and extrapolated the duration based on the percentage done).

    Furthermore, please consider MotionX and Garmin’s GUI. In my opinion, these have much easier UI than Pocket Earth’s.
    I highly suggest the use of configurable “Widgets” type interface such that user can define where a particular button or menu to appear.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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