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    When downloading maps of the ABC islands (Dutch Antilles) I can select to download Aruba and Bonaire but NOT Curacao as it shows as No Man’s Land?

    While a circle for the Curacao map shows on the global view, clicking the left side of Curacao downloads a map of Aruba and the right side downloads Bonaire.

    Clicking or zooming into the middle of Curacao just comes up with “No Man’s Land” on my iPhone 5 and no map can be downloaded.

    If you can please add Curacao as a downloadable map in the search list for North America like Aruba and Bonaire or fix the “No Man’s Land” Error

    Vacationing in Curacao next month so any solution would be great

    Thanks Marty

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    Some islands are missing from our index, this is an issue we are working to resolve. For the moment however, you can instead download Falcon and this will contain all of the data for Curacao!

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    Thank you for the fast reply and work around.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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