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    One more feature request for today ;•)

    When I’m cycle-touring a long distance I generally only switch on Pocket Earth when I’m at a (major) turn or crossing (or when I want to know how far it still is till a next turn.)

    It would be very handy that every time when Pocket Earth is switched on it automatically stores the positions in a track. This way I am able to see the route I have ridden by the “bread crumbs” it stores. This could be one track or even better a daily auto-track.

    For a long days ride switching on tracking is not an option for me because it uses to much energy since the GPS is continuously on. The bread crumbs auto-tracking would be a perfect alternative!

    (Motion-X has this functionality. They call it ‘real time track’, to be found under the ‘Maps’ button.)

    My feature request slogan:

    “The best overall navigation-app. Enthusiastic to help making it even better (for me at least)!”

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    Yep, we have had requests for this already, and its on our list! I just can’t say right now exactly when it will get implemented. We have a large number of tracking related enhancements that we want to make so we will probably do an update focused on this at some point relatively soon.

    Patrick Rushton
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    I just want to add my support for this idea! Any news on when it might be implemented?

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    I do quite a lot of offroad motorcycling in remote area. Being able to seed PE with a series of pins (from Google Earth etc) would be a great facility

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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