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    Apologies if this is a basic thing but I’ve just installed the app and downloaded some maps for offline use. When I go into one of the maps, if I zoom in close, it just gives me a blank screen as if it’s refreshing – but it never does, just white where there should be streets etc. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

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    Could you check if the maps are actually downloaded completely. Go to the Main Menu (left) » Offline Maps where you will find all your downloaded maps for offline use. It also shows the memory size used by the specific map. If a map download is not yet finished you will see the progress of downloading (% or ‘Waiting’ when not yet started).

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    Theres no amount left to download, no %. i also got a message saying all maps had downloaded. If i leave it on wifi only, all is fine but again when i switch to offline/plane mode, its blank close up.
    However if i then switch back out if plane mode and back to wifi, i get downloading but no % showing again for switzerland which i happen to be looking at. On wifi i can see details.
    Just tried it with uk and same thing, says its downloading when i enter the map even though it appeared to download fully yesterday.
    I’ve got an iphone 6plus if that helps.

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    Thanks for contacting us and reporting this issue! It sounds like you ran into a really bad bug, but we haven’t had any other reports of this yet.

    Does this appear to happen everywhere in Switzerland when you zoom in?

    Do you have Wikipedia installed? If so, perhaps try going to Settings > Manage Data and disable Wikipedia to see if it is still happening..

    Could you tell us what the app says the download size is for Switzerland? This will help tell us if certain files somehow got corrupt on download.

    Also, can you try switch Pocket Earth into Offline mode in the settings side menu and see if the issue still occurs?

    Lastly, you could try deleting and reinstalling the app, although you will loose any saved Favorites and map data.

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