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    I love the app, just not the new icon.

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    I vote for the new one.

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    We changed the app icon after receiving dozens of emails from users saying how bad the old one was. We even got some bad reviews on the App Store just because of it!

    Overall, we are very happy with the new icon, however, having released v1.5 update, we realize that the icon on non-Retina devices is not as high quality as it should have been, and will be polishing it more for our next update.

    stewart82, can I ask if you have a Retina or non-Retina device and what you don’t like about the new icon?

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    I dont like the old icon as well.
    but the new one, though better, is not appealing.

    When I browsed through the App-Store update section, I thought this app was “Angry Birds In Space” the game….

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    The new icon is a definite improvement. I’d make a few small changes.

    1. More blue; it’s too overall green. With everything more or less a similar color, there’s no real point of interest: nothing stands out to catch the eye.

    2. Type on straight lines, not curved. The curved baseline, especially the only slightly curved EARTH, is a bit too cute. This is a heavy-duty, massively competent app. The logo should emphasize its competence, not its niceness!

    3. “POCKET” running over the top 1/10 of the globe illustration. Give the text this little bit of 3D effect, to make it stand out and catch the eye.

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    I think the new icon is a wonderful improvement. Although one time when I glanced at it, my imagination interpreted the the shape of the North Atlantic/Arctic Ocean on the globe as a silhouetted Tyrannosaurus Rex. Now, every time I look at the app, I see a T. Rex with its mouth open… 

    Ragnakore sees Angry Birds, and I see a dinosaur. Does anyone else see any interesting creatures in the new icon? 🙂
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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