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    I have an iPhone 6 and I recently updated PE and now it crashes before it even opens. I really, really do not want to lose all my wonderful pins as I want to share places I’ve been with my son who leaves on a trip soon.

    I have since learned that I should have backed up my information, but I didn’t know that, so sadly, I have none.

    Is there anyway to get my pins and notes back? I have not deleted the app yet.

    I appreciate anyone’s quick response!

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    Sorry to hear you are having troubles with the app on your new iPhone 6! There is a way to save all your data while connecting your phone to the computer, you might want give this a shot and then re-install the app after your data is safe:

    Download and install the third party software iFunBox (free) on your laptop/desktop.
    Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer using the USB cable.
    Open the iFunBox software and select your device.
    Choose User Applications and double click on Pocket Earth in the list.
    Choose the folder Library.
    Choose the folder Private Documents.
    You will see two folders called UDB and Data. UDB contains all of your favorites (including pins/routes/groups/etc). Data contains the map data.
    Select one or both of these folders (just highlight, don’t double click) and Choose the “Copy to Mac/PC” option from the toolbar.
    After it has finished coping the folders, verify that folders are on your computer.
    On your iPhone/iPad, you can now delete and redownload/install the app.
    On your iPhone/iPad, double tap the Home button to get to the app multi-tasking mode and swipe up on Pocket Earth to close it.
    Use iFunBox to copy the folders back into Pocket Earth using the same approach as above, this time using the “Copy from Mac/PC” to copy them back on.
    Open Pocket Earth again and verify your favorites are still found.

    Note: After doing the above, if it still crashes, try deleting the Data folder in the app using iFunBox (but leave the UDB folder), and re-downloading your maps manually using the Pocket Earth “Get Maps” option in the main menu. If you still have issues, you can email us the UDB folder by making a ZIP file of it first and we can correct it (this might also indicate the bug is not what we think it is, and could greatly help us diagnose it).

    I hope that helps 🙂 Let me know if you have any further problems!

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    Sorry to hear you are having this issue! If you could use iFunBox, and zip and email us the UDB folder that would be great! We have had a few reports of this issue, but haven’ t been able to reproduce it yet.

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    Thanks for that tip re iFunBox – very interesting and useful

    I use iMazing (and it’s sister app FileApp) and with it have now been able to locate and copy the UDB folder to my desktop

    Q.1 My UDB file has a “2” appended – what is that about?
    Q.2 You suggest that having reinstalled PE you then double tap to close the app before copying the UDB folder back to PE – why is that?
    Q.3 Why would the method you describe be used in preference to exporting the data as a Pocket Earth Archive to a mail program and then reimporting it when/if required?

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    When I use iFunBox I get the following message:

    “App Sandbox access is restricted by Apple to ones with ‘iTunes File Sharing’ enabled since iOS 8.3. Jailbreak is required to open the sandbox of this App.”

    See also this blog.

    Is there a solution to this?

    Hernan Joen
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    I have some particular issue that couldnt fix with this tutorials.
    Ive tried to reset the phone like is shown in this post
    And then, problem fixed!

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