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    Regarding the Altitude profile of a track I got four suggestions, in order of importance:

    1. The graph with speed and altitude is really great when a track has been recorded with PE, but when using a 3rd party GPX file it would make a lot more sense to use the Distance instead of the Time. (When you follow a 3rd party track the speed is irrelevant).
    2. When showing the distance-altitude graph it would be great to see the current position in the graph, so it is easy to see what lies ahead.
    3. When an imported (3rd party) GPX track does not have altitude information it would be nice if PE could add this from the elevation data from the internet (for instance using MapQuest).
    4. When PE creates a route the MapQuest elevation data could maybe also be added to it?
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    Dear js,

    Apologies if this note is badly written–typing on my iPad is not easy for me!

    Yes, please, thank you for suggestions 3 & 4 particularly. I import GPX , maybe not a lot, but more than a few, and the graphs are pretty much always a mess. (you may remember helping me with suggestions on how to use a third party web site to fix them. I think that was you!)

    Any help with getting the very helpful graphs into PE Pro in usable form would be greatly appreciated!


    Bucky Edgett

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    I would like to bring this feature request under your attention again.
    Mainly #1, the altitude graph using distance instead of speed.

    When I plan my cycle trips I use http://www.routeyou.com (one of the best websites for creating your own route!).
    When exporting a route from routeyou it includes the elevation:

            <trkpt lon="4.854548" lat="52.383252">

    It is really a shame that the graph in PE is not showing this, since it relies on the time for creating the graph.

    PS: Now I have to use a tool like MyGPSFiles.com/app (Window » Toolbox » Time | Set Speed) to add a “fake” time field to the gpx file to get the elevation graph:

      <trkpt lat="52.383252" lon="4.854548">
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    I would like to add my support to requests 1. and 2. of the original post. I know the Garmin Edge 705 could display your current position on the altitude plot using a split screen display and I found it very useful.

    Keep up the good work!

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