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    Downloading maps along a route or track is really (really!) awesome, but… The margin could be a bit wider. 

    When a route is close to the edge of a map-tile there is sometimes only a few km’s of map to one side of the route. (A lot of the time it is only 10 or 15 km which is not a lot).
    When following a route you don’t always stick to that route. For instance you take a small detour to a city or get off the route to go to a camp site which might be maybe 20 km or more off the route. 

    My feature request is that you extend the download margin to like 60km to both sides of the route or even let the user select a margin when starting the download. The advantage of asking for the margin is that people know what is downloaded. Now you don’t know at all and have to scan the complete route to see how much of the map is available offline, and select regions for the parts where there is not enough. 

    BTW: The status of the download (Downloading ##%) is not updated in the menu / detail screen of a route or track.
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