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    I’m using PocketEarth on my bicycle travels, which means it is on for 6 hours or more per day, and I do not have a charging option every day. So battery life is very important, critical even. (Using hub dynamo and external battery pack, but still.)

    When track recording is switched on PocketEarth pre-fends the iphone from going into lock mode. This is perfect when moving, but it would be nice to have an optional economy switch which allows the iphone to go into lock mode when not moving for a given period.

    A second optional switch to choose if the GPS is switched off when going into lock mode (or PocketEarth is backgrounded) while recording a track would save battery life even more.

    To me battery life is more important than track recording, so possibly missing a part of a track is not an issue. Forgetting to switch of track recording during a lunch break is a waste of battery life.

    I realize that getting into the habit of switching of recording is a way to go too, but I keep forgetting this now and then.

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    Thanks for the feedback!  For now you can press the power button during recording to turn off the screen and reduce battery usage, and PocketEarth will continue to record. You can also lower the GPS accuracy setting in PocketEarth to reduce battery usage, though this will also reduce the quality of the recording. For one of our coming Updates, we are planning to profile the battery usage of PocketEarth and make specific optimizations and options to allow you to maximize the battery life. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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