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    Dear Friends,

    iOS 7.1, iPad 2, PE Pro 2.3

    Haven’t seen this before; don’t know if it’s new.

    Several Pins have URLs in the notes. I’m testing this, but at the moment think the affected Pins are all in one Group I created by importing a GPX converted from a KML.

    When I tap the URL in he Notes, I get a URL in Safari that has the text %E2%80%8E attached to the end of the URL. I sure there is no such text in the Note itself: At least, no visible text, and, when I edit and place the cursor, I cannot make it place “off” the last letter of the URL.

    Any ideas what might be going on?

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    %E2%80%8E is the escape sequence for an invisible Unicode Control character which is used to indicate left-to-right writing direction of the script. There is a known issue with WordPress based web sites where it appends this to some links. I am guessing you copy and pasted such a link from a WordPress site into Pocket Earth.

    We will investigate further to see if we can automatically “sanitize” the notes field to remove such things.

    • Topics: 63
    • Replies: 298

    Well isn’t that crazy! Can’t thank you enough for figuring that out.

    Yes, when I deleted the URL text and typed the URL back in by hand, all was well. I’ll fix the others as I run across them.

    The odd thing is, the ecape-character sequence is not just invisible, it’s undetectable/unselectable. My cursor would not recognize it at all. I don’t know how that could even happen!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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