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    For a far future version, could the Pins Notes field expand the way a Wikipedia Article does? The current scrolling field is nice, but I’ve been adding a LOT of notes to some pins!

    It would be even handier to be able to expand the field and see more of the note all at once. I hope this would not be too difficult to implement, given that the technology already exists in the Wikipedia palettes?

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    Yes, we had some discussion about this a while ago, and we agree the notes interface could be better. Some users have also asked to be able to record audio notes and attach photos. Maybe being able to add multiple text notes each with a title could be useful as well.  We will probably consider all of these things together at some point in the future. 

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    Wow! That’s way more than I thought about. Sounds fantastic.

    Those functions would mean we’re writing our own travel guides/diaries. So while we’re at it, how about Rich Text capabilities and the ability to export/import a PIN as a .txt with formatting intact? Pretty please?

    Thanks for the prompt response. Hope all is going well with iOS 7 development!

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    +1 I would be very happy with these features.

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