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    The import/export features are really powerful. I now feel totally comfortable investing the time to save all my favorite places in Pocket Earth, knowing I can always back them up and bulk export them out if I need to use them elsewhere.

    It’s also helpful that I can export a single track as a GPX. I use that a lot to log a hike, then geotag the photos I took along the way.
    But the one feature that still seems to be missing is the ability to export a single pin or POI as a GPX file. I can email or SMS the location, which is great if I’m trying to share it with someone else. But being able to export a single pin would make it easier to send locations to other apps that offer features that Pocket Earth doesn’t (yet). For example:
    -When I want to see one of my waypoints in the context of topographical data. Was that cabin north or south of the ridge of the mountain? I’d love to be able to select the pin for the cabin, select “Open With…” and open that location in MotionX-GPS…
    -When I want to send a waypoint as a target for a compass or geocaching app…
    -When I want to send a waypoint to my Garmin…
    Even better would be the ability to select multiple waypoints and tracks and export them all at once. 
    As I see it, what makes Pocket Earth so awesome is that it packs so much info into a small and fast package. I realize that to keep it from getting bloated, it will never have every feature that everyone wants – and that’s a good thing. There are other apps offering some of those features. Adding the ability to export individual waypoints would allow users to send data to other apps and devices when needed, but Pocket Earth would remain the central hub for storing those locations, with plenty of ways to get the data in or out.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider my suggestion!
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    Thanks for the suggestion, we will consider single pin export for a future update!

    That said, in the current version PocketEarth v1.6 you can already export any group of pins, tracks, etc from the Group Detail screen. You can even use this to put a single pin in a new group and export the single pin as GPX.

    Note also that items can belong to multiple groups at the same time so it wont mess up your normal groups organization. You can also delete a group that was used only for export purposes easily without completely deleting the items in that group.
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    Thanks for the reply. I hadn’t thought of using a group to export just the elements I want. It’s great to know that there’s already a way to do this, even if it’s not immediately obvious. I’ll give it a try!

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