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    Is it possible to export GPX to something like dropbox or documents (previously readdle)?

    The reason I ask is that when on motorcycle trips, I would like to be able to transfer gpx locations from the app (via airstash) to my zumo satnav.

    I can do this if I can get the GPX files into another app that airstash can access.

    Or better still if airstash could access this app’s saved documents directly.


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    IOS strictly prohibits apps from accessing files outside their allotted space.
    ie, PocketEarth save/store/copy file to/from another app’s location.

    If an app does this, Apple kicks em out of the app-store for violation. This is why popular apps like Wifi-Sync (during iOS 3.xx) were banned from app-store long ago.

    What you are asking is a direct violation of this restriction. Currently, the only ways I know apps to share data is through cut-paste, and through the photo album. I dont see these options as solutions to your problem.

    A work around is to jailbreak your ipad/iphone and install iFile which can copy/move files from one location to another. It is not pretty and could potentially be fatal to your iDevice if used incorrectly. I would not recommend this if you are inexperienced in these kind of things. Then again, jailbreaking is also against apple’s TOS…

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    Hi ragnakor

    Thank you for your comments. However I think you miss read what I am asking.

    I am not asking for anything that contravenes apples terms and conditions and not trying to get you kicked out of the App Store.

    I am asking if there are plans for you to add support for a common supported function in iOS called open in.

    Many official applications provide this functionality. A good example is documents and goodreader. Both of which you can press and hold a file created (or downloaded) in the app. An official iOS menu then appears called open in. This menu gives you supporting applications you can open the file in.

    This works in various apps and various file types. You can even go as far as saying the likes of dropbox have an api that allows you to link supported apps to allow the open in function.

    This is an official function that allowed by apples terms and conditions. And as a fellow developer i was just politely asking if you had plans to add this functionality to your app. So that you could use the ‘open in’ or ‘save to’ function to save the file to dropbox

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    Just add I am happy to post screenshots of this functionality provided in other official apps if it helps clear up the query.

    Sorry if the above sounds wrong but I do not being accused of asking you to break apples terms and conditions.

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    Hi dsloper,

    Thanks for the feedback!  We will be happy to add support for the standard “Open In…” functionality when exporting GPX from PocketEarth. If you have the Dropbox App, it will allow you to save the file to it.
    Best Regards
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    Excellent thank you very much. This will make it the perfect app for me.

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