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    I’d like to request adding “Distance to” info when selecting a POI/Waypoint.

    if GPS is enabled, and when I select a POI/Waypoint, the app will bring out a popup “info” menu (on the top right corner) displaying only the coordinate of the POI.

    I find this not so useful. Many times I am asked by my driver to calculate the distance of the next Gas Station, or the distance to the destination, and the like. The only ways I currently do this is to:

    Method A. Create a “Track To Here” so the app will constantly display the “Distance” to the POI. However if my driver wanted to check the distance to another POI, I have to redo “Track To Here”.

    Method B. bring out the “Ruler” function. But this is very inaccurate when we are traveling very fast trying so much so, I could only approximate the distance with high degree of error compared to the distance shown by “Track to here”.

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    Yes this could be very helpful, we are considering an Auto-Waypoint mode for our next major update to do just this.

    For now, see my comment on your other question. You can add multiple items as Waypoints on a track and quickly switch between them by rolling the selector wheel.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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