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    I have a suggestion for elaborating on the way Groups are used and maybe it would not be too hard to code. After turning off all user pins, allow turning on just selected groups. Think of how useful this would be.

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    I’m also looking for a way to show all items in a group at the same time. I do have a number of recorded tracks that I’d like to have displayed at the same time. I figured that this is what groups are for, but adding the tracks to a group I can still only seem to display one track at a time.

    In general it’s a great app and I can see myself using it a lot! I just discovered it a few hours ago and love the fact that it just downloads vector data instead of wasting bandwidth and space on pre-rendered tiles.

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    Agreed, this would be really useful, and we were already working on this for v1.5 but it didn’t make it in. We will try to include this feature soon!

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    Sweet, thanks for already adding this with version 1.6!

    Now it would be nice to be able to import more than one track at a time via the iTunes import. Right now I have to:
    1. tap each gpx individually
    2. enable the ‘import as single track’ option (or else it creates a group for just that file – not sure why that is?)
    3. Tap import and then confirm the successful import.

    Would be nice if that could be streamlined a bit. Perhaps there could also be an indication on what files were imported already as it’s easy to lose track of that (I blame my short term memory).

    One last thing I’d like to see, is a way to adjust the track lime width. For my purposes, the current lines are too wide which makes it hard to clearly see details of my tracks zoomed out a bit. To give you an idea of my scenario, I am currently doing a project where I’m ‘painting’ the street network in a city with my gps by driving through most streets with my gps tracking it all. That makes up for a lot of tracks in close proximity / crossing each other.

    Thank you,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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