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    Tobias Johansson
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    I like the fact that you have included OSM-openinghours on your POI’s. It would be very nice if I cound filter the search-results to only show POI’s that are open at the time for that search.

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    I wrote somewhere else about a similar idea, which is complementary to “filtering according to open/closed”, is “showing the open/closed state” in the icon:

    Feature request: if opening_hours are present on the POI, it would be nice if PE would calculate from opening hours using iPhone time if a facility is open or closed. Indicate it in the info screen. “now closed”, and maybe even in the icon, putting a green/red dot in the top corner if it’s open or closed … (maybe parts of the scripts of this http://openingh.openstreetmap.de/evaluation_tool/ can be used?)

    @addon Feature request opening hours:

    Just arrived in copenhagen this saturday evening. With 4 starving kids. Had to get some food from a shop. The first we went to just closed. The second was already closed. Which one to take next? Me getting intelligent, selecting all the shops in the surroundings, and going to the infoscreen to think hard and figure out if the shop is open.
    => it would have bee soooooo cool to see the ten shops on the map, which each of them a red or green dot in the map icon to tell me if it’s open or closed ….


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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