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    I’m really curious to know how this app would look on an iPhone 6 or a 6 plus?

    I would love to upgrade to one of those, and ditch my iPad, which I usually take when I travel. The ability to see the offline maps on a slightly larger screen than my current iPhone 5 would be important. Thanks for any info on this!

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    We added support for iPhone 6/6+ devices in our last update, and additional fixes and improvements will be available soon in our next update (Pocket Earth 2.5). Pocket Earth looks great on these new devices, allowing you to view more of the map at one time compared to the smaller iPhones. The UI still takes after the iPhone model as opposed to the iPad model (meaning a lot of fullscreen menus and info views), though we are considering the iPad like sidebar design for landscape mode on these devices.

    Beth Chaplin
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    I just bought an iPhone 6, and yes, as you say, it looks great. I am relieved to see this.

    I agree that full screen mode for the menu items works best for a device this size.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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