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    How often are the maps updated? The last update I got was Nov 21, 2014. Every time I try to update them, I get the message “All data is already up to date.” I know at least some of the maps I use were updated in OSM a couple of months ago.

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    OSM data is changed all the time – some little changes, and also more important ones, all over the world.
    To keep a map up to date is a tough work, and involes a lot of processing time, and of course a lot of download bandwidth.
    So I completly understand that it’s not done too often by GeoMagik.
    But, especially for the ones of us contributing to OSM, a bit more frequent updates would really be important!
    Officially, it was stated that there is a monthly update, but yes, it’s now three month since the last update …
    I think one month would be cool, two acceptable … but more … ?? I must admit I lately have hit the update button quite often and hoped for …
    cheers, nounours

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    A new map update is now available. Sorry for the delay!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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