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    I use PocketEarth extensively when I travel in remote areas, and it’s absolutely perfect!

    But the other day I was walking in a local park and I noticed that the map for the park looked strange in the app. What is in reality a park with small islands surrounded by canals just showed up as one giant lake (see attachment). Today I finally got around to sit down with the OpenStreetMap website, and wanted to report the error, to improve the map. But on their website it shows up just like it should (see attachment)….

    Shouldn’t those two maps be identical if PE is based on OSM? ( all maps are updated on my phone!) – and if yes, then why aren’t they? Can anyone enlighten me? I would like to be able to fully trust my maps to be both accurate and updated, and here they’re just not in sync… What to do?

    Thanks! /Kasper

    enter image description here

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    Dear Kasper,

    This is known bug in the rendering of PE. Geomagik promised to look into it when he finds time. I will cross-reference this thread to the beta-tester forum where we discussed this, so your example will hopefully been taken into account at the same time.

    Thanks for reporting,


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    Is the beta testing forum viewable by Joe Public?

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    Dear Joe 🙂

    No, sorry, this is a forum for beta-testers only. We mainly discuss there issues on the beta versions, so no really for interest for Joe Public.
    Anyway, we all read here and try to answer/comment on issues raised here as well.

    cheers, nounours

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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