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    Earlier today, I loaded a back-up from my old iPad, which included Pocket Earth Pro, onto a new iPad. When I open up Pocket Earth Pro on the new iPad, it shows all my pins etc., but not the actual maps (the pins are on a blank screen). When I go into the Offline Maps area to check, it has the maps I had before listed and says “Downloading (Waiting)”. It never actually starts downloading the maps–not sure what it’s waiting for. 😛 Is there some way I can prompt the downloads to start? I really don’t want to delete the app and reinstall as I assume then I’ll lose all my pins.


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    The maps data itself is never backed up because it can be quiet large (Apple doesn’t allow it). Normally it will remember which maps you had downloaded (as you say) and start downloading again on its own.

    Perhaps check the Network Mode setting that it is set to either Online or WiFi Only. If that doesn’t help, deleting the maps from the Offline Maps list, and then going to Get Maps to select them again for download.

    Lastly, if all else fails, you can use the Export/Import function to export a backup (Settings > Export > Pocket Earth Archive > All Data). Email it to yourself or use iTunes to transfer it to a safe place, then delete and reinstall the app, download desired maps, and import the backup to get your favorites back.

    Note, you can use this export/import method also as a way to manually sync Pocket Earth across several devices.

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    Thank you so much! I feel pretty silly now, because it turns out I had the app set to Offline Mode (totally forgot that was even an option) and as soon as I switched it to WiFi the maps started downloading right away. 🙂

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    Hope the developers don’t mind my butting in to a finished issue with a question. How does/can Apple not allow PE to export a Map Data backup to my computer? (I can see them not allowing multigigabytes being put in their cloud, but to my own machine?)

    I’m just a fascinated buttinski geek!

    Bucky Edgett

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