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    Everywhere i go in Europe (most recently in Turkey on the European side of Istanbul) and of the three hotels our group was staying in, none were in the data base. Is there another database i need to download for a current list of hotels?

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    Dear ptutt,

    I am a PE user, not one of the developers. But I think I can give an at least partial answer.

    PE uses Open Sreet Map data for its maps. This is a project created by volunteers all over the world, adding data as they can. Coverage will vary, just as it does with any mapping application. I also have seen that, for one reason or another, coverage of Turkey is not as good as we might hope.

    But no, a PE map is “the” map, and there is nothing else to download. Perhaps you could join Open Sreet M ap and help the community add information? I’ve a tiny bit!

    Bucky Edgett

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    Oh darn! I’m wrong! Please be sure to include in your downloads the Wikipedia and Wikipedia Travel Guide information. These very we’ll might have some of the information you would need! So sorry!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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