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    In Wikipedia entries often some words or phrases are missing. Most frequently these are numbers (like the height of a mountain or the pop of a city), or text which has an external link asscociated with it. (I know by comparing it with the Wikipedia article outside Pocket Earth. Why does this happen?

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    YES! I’m seeing this thing as well, and often it’s just the relevant bit of information that I’m interested in!

    This again is most probably related to the way PE is parsing Wikipedia-source code and saving it as a text.

    Sometime ago, there were some plans to completely rebuild the way wikipedia articles are rendered, but I never heard again about this.

    @geomagik: are there any plans working on this soon? would it be of help for you if we (suppose Kahlbutz will volounteer as well) compile a list with errors in the wikipedia parsing, giving the original text, the wikipedia source and how it should be correctly interpreted. Could this then being included in the wikipedia parser?

    thanks, nounours

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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