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    I’m still learning how PocketEarth works, so there might be something I’m missing here.

    If I’m trying to make a list of my favorite places in a new city, I find that some of them are already part of the OpenStreetMap. So I just select the icon for that place and I can save it to my favorites. It’s really easy, and it shows up in My Listings with all the right info already. If, however, it isn’t already part of the map, I have to drop a pin there and rename it. It takes a little longer to get the pin in the right place and spell out the full name. What happens is that I end up with some of my favorite restaurants in My Listings, and some of them in My Pins. 
    I’m wondering why there are two separate lists for My Listings and My Pins. I’ve noticed that pins show up on a small-scale map, but my listings don’t (unless they’re selected). What are the differences between these two lists?
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    Some of the differences between favorite listings and pins will be changed by our next app update, v1.3 which will be available in about 2 weeks. In particular they will both show for low zoom levels, pins will be easier to create and move, and pins will offer more customization (selectable icons, color, etc).

    The main difference though, and the reason we show them in separate lists, is that Pins are generally used for marking locations of personal interest such as your home, work office, friends houses, favorite hiking spots which never have listings for them, etc.   Its true that the maps are often lacking POI listings for some of the places you frequent and so creating a Pin to represent them is convenient. 

    We will consider allowing Pins to be placed with the My Listings for one of our future updates, or ideally we would allow users to submit new POI to the OpenStreetMap project so that other users will be able to see them on the map too.  For now though it is possible for anyone to add new POIs to the maps through the OSM website. After adding data there, it will appear in PocketEarth after the next data update which happens every few weeks.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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