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    Platform: Pocket Earth Pro 3.7.1 on iOS 14.0.1

    I use Pocket Earth every day. In the last 24 hours my phone updated to iOS 14, and Pocket Earth to 3.7.1.

    At present, when I type a search term and click “search online”, I get the location I expect to see on the “Results” screen, but when i click the result, its background turns gray and the map is never shown.

    – in the “search everything” field, i type “iowa” and then click “search online”.
    – on the “online address search” screen that appears, i leave “iowa” in the street field, and “United States” in the country field, with all other fields empty
    – i click “search”, and the “Results” screen appears, displaying one result with “IA” on the first line and “United States” on the second.
    – i click the result, and its background turns grey, an nothing else happens (i have waited up to 5 minutes)
    -the results are identical with “iowa” in the state field and the street left empty.
    -the same thing happens with every valid address i search in any country i choose.
    – I have closed all apps and rebooted and the symptom persists

    Is this replicable/Anyone else seeing this?


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    I am experiencing the same with iOS 14 in both 3.7.1 and b5

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    Same for me with PE 3.7.1. Using still iOS 13.7.
    In addition, Pocket Earth crashes when touching the map.
    Terminating PE or reset of the iPhone does not help

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    Sorry, this is a new bug in v3.7.1, it will be fixed tomorrow in v3.7.2.

    Hernan Joen
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    Thanks for the report. Your app is very usefull

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