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    OpenStreet map is good but not as detail as Google map. Quite a few of the POI and street names are missing, even the common and popluar ones.
    May be users can provide feedback to GeoMagik to update the maps. Of course, GeoMagik has to verify the info before using the info to update the maps. But it would elevate the maps on par with Google maps.

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    I don’t know everyplace, of course, but my experience is that Open Street Map is more or less on a par with Google. In Europe that might not be true: especially it Italy, a lot of small cities and towns have no OSM street names at all. On the other hand, I’ve found instances in Italy where OSM is more detailed than Google.

    But I’d say, overall, OSM is rather less detailed in Italy than is Google.

    Several PE users can show us how to work in OSM to add information.

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    OpenStreet map is a HUGE project. It obviously out of reach of the Geomagik Team to change OSM data.
    The quality of OSM depends very much on the region, and how many people are active in this region. For example my town (Bern, Switzerland), the map is perfect. Please compare to Google if you want to see the difference. I know other places, where the opposite is true (e.g. I went to Greece, and OSM was very poor. But in the 6 months since, it has enormously improved.). On which part of the world your judgement is based on??? (I’m always looking for “white map spaces” to go on holiday with my kids and map untouched land, this is a pleasure!)
    All that said, we all should contribute to make OSM better know and all contribute to the map. 
    That’s why I suggest in my post “features to make PE perfect” that also PE should include editor functionality – at least for POIs. What is on the Geomagik-roadmap is I understand right.
    If yourself want to contribute to the map right now, please consider these places to start with:
    On the iPhone, I currently use this apps (only until PE has it of course)
    * Pushpin OSM  to add POIs
    * OSM Pad to add addresses and house numbers
    have a good start in OSM!
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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