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    Hello,  Sitting in the Radisson Hotel in Narita, Japan.  Downloaded your app and really like it.  However, I noticed not much information is displayed on the map even with zooming in.IE:Building, Restaurants, Train Stations etc.  I insured all layers were selected on.  I thought maybe it was the lack of map data for Narita Japan but then zoomed in on my home in california and notice very limited data displayed.  The google apps map has infinitely more data.  That is not a jab, just wondering if I am missing something does the map set just not have much information.  Thank you!

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    The Maps and Listing in PocketEarth come from the great community driven open mapping project called OpenStreetMap or OSM. While some locations have excellent data, some times even better than google maps, there are still many places which could be improved.  If you have time, we hope you will check out the OSM website and consider contributing to make the maps better for everyone.

    You can also enable Wikipedia articles (shown as W icons on the map) by going to Settings > Data Cache > Wikipedia > ON.

    We are also considering adding support for other supplemental data sources of POIs in the future.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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