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    I’ve been using PE to track hike distances for some weeks now. I’ve noticed that sometimes if I do an out-and-back hike that the distance at my turn-around point and my total distance do not add up. For example: two weeks ago I did an out-and back that said it was 6.0 miles to my turn around, but then my total distance was only 11.6 miles. Today I did an out-and-back that was 7.2 miles at the turn around and 14.9 total. The only difference I can think of is that sometimes I take breaks, and other times not. Two weeks ago I had stopped at the turn around point for a rest for maybe 10 minutes, and then a few times for shorter rests on the way back. Today I did not stop at all until I was already on the return journey, when I stopped once for 10-12 minutes and then several shorter rests along the way. So is my gps somehow still recording mileage when I am not moving? I have the GPS settings at highest accuracy with 0ft minimum distance moved, and 1s min time elapsed. Also at the lowest required accuracy. (25ft) Should I change any of those settings for better hiking accuracy?

    I am updated fully as well.

    Thanks so much! I LOVE the tracking feature even if it is not exact. It’s way better than ‘map my hike’, the other app I tried for this.

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    A GPS position is not static, even when you are not moving. Depending on the signal quality, number of satellites received and the position of the satellites the position varies a little every time it is calculated. When you switch on the GPS Info labels you will sometimes notice that it shows a speed and direction while you are not moving. So when taking a break it still might add some distance to your track, I think even more so when your Minimum Distance Moved is set to 1 meter.

    @GeoMagik: Maybe set the minimum distance moved to 5 meter instead of 1, since it is overprecision?

    One solution could be to switch off GPS while having a break. An extra advantage when doing this is you save some battery and you will split up your track in segments.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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