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    It would be really great to have a kind of quick menu for the regular used settings and menu entries. This will seriously speed up changing the most used settings.

    I was thinking of long holding the menu and gps+center buttons. The quick menu showing a list with toggle options, and should close when an option is tapped (or go to the submenu). Currently you have to tap 5 times (and search the menu entries) to change the Screen Dimming (I regularly want to toggle between my favorite setting and always allow) or changing the Map Rotation. When using a quick menu it would be tapping twice, without having to search for the menu entries.

    Also, I think most people only toggle about 3 to 5 map layers most often: in my case Cycling, Forest and Land Use, Public Transport, Pins & Fav POI. Now this takes 4 taps and searching the menu entry and scrolling to search through the many layer entries.

    So, for example:

    • Main menu button: most recently used poi/pin/route/track, most recent nearby search
    • Settings menu button: Network Mode, Screen Dimming toggle between Always Allow and Always Prevent or, when selected, Prevent with GPS, upto 5 of the most recently toggled Map Layers.
    • GPS button: Map Rotation, GPS labels, Show Compass
    • Center button: [additional feature request!] toggle Auto Center = center when moving and not having touched the screen for some time. (This entry could also be placed under the GPS button, but I think it is good to having the long hold functionality for every button.)
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    I did not go that far (and it’s maybe too far for an average user), but I also asked for some shortcuts (I suggest up to four user customziable shortcuts) for the most used functions.
    I’m pretty sure every user has some functions he/she is using a lot. (E.g. for me: the nearby search – a pitty the long hold on the menu button to come back vanished AND switching on/off some map layers, as jsgblom suggested.).

    The more complex PE gets, the more I feel the urge to go fast to the stuff I’m using all day long. Maybe difficult to implement, but adding shortcuts to the already existing buttons, and using the long hold seems are very smart way for this!

    Thanks for considering!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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