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    I would like to request a feature called Sun Path.
    It would display on the map, centered on current location, where/when the Sun will traverse the sky.

    This will be useful for planning projects like Solar Panels or Solar water heater, or where to camp for the night, or where to sit in a stadium. We do love the sun on a cold day, but not on a hot day.

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    There is already an excellent app to do exactly this, called The Photographer’s Ephemeris. It’s paid for iOS, but free for desktop use.

    But for some uses, like planning solar panels or choosing stadium seats, I much prefer an app called SkyView Free, which uses augmented reality to show where the sun will be in 3 dimensions. I find it much more helpful than viewing a sun path on a map.
    No affiliate links above – I just like those two apps a lot.
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    Dear mfloreen,

    The Photographer’s Ephemeris looks totally nifty. I note the description page says “– Maps and elevation-based calculations require a data connection.” Does the ephemeris store maps for offline use? Because that’s what we love so much about Pocket Earth!

    Thanks for a great tip!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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