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    I use PE mostly when cycling. I charge the iPhone while cycling, using a hub dynamo. So it does not charge when I’m not moving. So, when riding I want PE to prevent the iPhone from locking (dimming). But as soon as I stop moving I would like the iPhone to lock.

    Because I have the iPhone mounted on my handle bar and thus not holding it in my hand it often happens to me that I forget to switch off PE (or the iPhone) when I stop cycling to have a short (or longer) break. In this case PE drains my battery. (When using it while hiking this will probably not happen since you usually are in the habit of switching off the iPhone when putting it back into your pocket.)

    Also, when I don’t use a hub dynamo (when I forget to connect the iPhone or when climbing a steep road) the iPhone is not charging. In this case I prefer the iPhone to dim regardless off my Prevent with GPS setting. So I personally prefer to only prevent any dimming while charging.

    It would be great to have two extra Screen Dimming options: Moving and Charging.

    Screen Dimming options:

    1. Always Allow
    2. Always Prevent
    3. Prevent with GPS
    4. Prevent with GPS & Moving

    Additional – overrule – option: Only prevent when Charging

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    We will add a “Prevent when Plugged In” option in Pocket Earth 2.8.

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