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    It would be very nice to be able to select other values for the tracking / routing labels at the bottom of the screen.

    Depending on the landscape (flat/mountainous) or type of cycling trip (racing/touring) I’m interested in different values. The direction as a value is least interesting to me, since the map already shows me clearly in which direction I’m heading (when North up).

    It would be great to be able to change the values just by double tapping the labels.

    My feature request slogan:

    “The best overall navigation-app. Enthusiastic to help making it even better (for me at least)!”

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    What other info would you like to see there? Currently it only shows GPS info, of which we are showing everything that seemed useful to us. I could see tapping on the Speed label to change it to Pace as being useful, but not sure what else.. What did you have in mind?

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    Thanks again for the very quick response!

    While cycling the following info might be interesting, depending on the landscape and the mode of cycling (commuting, touring or racing):
    – average and maximum speed
    – trip distance and trip time
    – current time
    – total ascend and descend (maybe text color coded)
    – Rate of Climb and Gradient (color coded text for up/down))
    – additional feature: indication of acceleration by color coding the speed text or a small arrow pointing up or down.

    I realize that most of the mentioned values are available in the info-bar at the top of the screen, but these are not at all readable while cycling.

    Another additional feature (?!) would be to have sets of three values, and be able to swipe through them, on the very same spot where they are shown now. If it would be possible to configure up to three of four sets of three values it would be perfect. (But now I’m pushing my luck.) To be able to select these values just by tapping would be good enough (for the next update that is ;•).

    Some reasonable iPhone apps to check out this functionality: BikeBrain (biologic) and Roadbike (runtastic).
    What I don’t like about these apps is the too many buttons and labels (and a bad mapping functionality). What I like so much about Pocket Earth is the approach of maximizing the mapping area and minimizing button and labels, in combination with the ease of use and a lot of other goodies of course.

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    One additional note:

    Label size option: small (3 values), medium (3 values) , large (show only 2 values).
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    One more suggestion: 

    When clicking the value buttons, show a full screen with bigger values. I attached an example taken from the CycleComp app, this screen is perfectly readable in bright sunlight. (Sliding down this screen shows the map again.)

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    ADD: Distance left on the track !

    There is really only 1 thing really important if you use PE for walking in the Netherlands, like we do.<br />
    It is a flat country so height doesn’t mean much here. But when walking we definitely need to know how far it is left.

    And I agree with the OP that tapping the text on the bottom should ideally popup some selection of possible values where we can chose what we see, and what not.

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