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    I have been looking at the various options to “share maps” and believe it could be a useful option for our motorcyle touring group – we often get split up!

    Sending one’s position to a fellow PE app user or via a web link using SMS, would be especially convenient as texting often works in areas of weak mobile coverage

    Having experimented with these options may I suggest that a centre crosshair be included to positively locate the sender? As it stands the receiver has to estimate where the map center, and therefore the sender’s position, is

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    I think a sender’s crosshair adds extra functionality which is not really necessary I think, because you can share a pin to do exactly what you are describing. By creating a pin of your current location and sharing the pin via SMS (pe link). The name of the pin, the selected color and icon is send over. (@geomagik: The Note is not shared though, which would be a nice feature.)

    I agree that when sending a map center location it would be nice if a pin is created at the receiving end. Just like entering a co-ordinate.

    @geomagik: It would be nice if you’re able to select the current position by tapping the position dot/arrow. By selecting the position dot it becomes a ‘floating’ pin which could be shared like a pin, and while moving you can see the actual street name in the info panel. Also, you could optionally show the GPS Info panel only when the position dot is selected…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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