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    I recently installed and looked through the lite version of your app. I loved what I saw, but there were two features I didn’t notice. I was wondering if they were perhaps in the full version, and if not, if there were plans to add them in the future.

    1) I’d like to be able to share POIs and pins to people via email. Better yet, if there was a way to organize them into groups I created, I’d love to be able to share everything within that group. (i.e. My favorite restaurants in city X.) At the very least I’d just love to be able to share locations on a map.

    2) I find it hard to see my pins on the map unless I zoom out.  It would be nice if they could pop out more, like favorite pins do. It would also be nice to apply images to them as well, like how POIs have icons associated to them. Or if that’s not an option, being able to select between different color pins would help organize them visually as well.

    I apologize if these are more feature requests than questions. I’m really interested in this app and these are two features that would seal the deal for me and was hoping they were in the full version. Thank you!

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    The current version of PocketEarth does not support any of these things, but they are all on our roadmap!  In particular, our next update v1.3 (which will be available in October) will allow you to pick from a selection of different Pin icons, as well as choosing the color. Pins, fav POIs, routes, and track recordings will all have a description/notes text area to allow you to enter more detailed text about them. v1.3 will also include email support for GPX export of individual routes and for all fav POIs, pins, and routes. However this may not suit your needs for simple, selective sharing of Pins/POIs.

    Groups and Sharing features will come after, hopefully in our v1.4 update (will be available before the end of the year). We will let you know (via a post here) when we have more details about the timeline for the Groups and Sharing features.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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