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    Now the minor roads (white roads when zoomed in) are hidden too quickly when zooming out. The threshold for this could be a bit higher. Also, it would be very useful to show the minor roads as a thin gray line when zoomed out a bit further. This would make it a lot easier to find the small roads, especially in rural area’s.

    See attached pdf with some screenshots. It is a thin line between showing minor roads and hiding them… 
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    I would agree in principal, with a caveat. The category of white/minor roads is not a fine enough discrimination to use for determining which w/m roads should be shown/hideable-showable. W/m roads can be
    1. streets (in town) or
    2. long streets that lead out of town to close Large Roads, or
    3. local roads between towns.

    If the same criteria were applied to all three, many towns would show as white blobs/tangles at farther zoom levels: not helpful.

    It would be only #s 2 & 3 that I would want to remain on the map as I zoomed out. And those I would want to be able to see, as they often comprise short cuts between towns. Thank you.

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    A good point. But the margins used now are very tight. I think it would be possible to stretch them a little bit.
    Tweaking the minor roads:
    • lowering the threshold for the white/minor roads, so showing them a bit longer when zooming out.
    • switching to gray lines when zooming out even further, with a proper threshold to hide them so the towns don’t show as blobs & tangles. 
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    Your right and we are aware of this issue. It is mainly due to some technically issues which we need to solve. 

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