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    We are now finishing up work on a major app update, and are excited to bring you a lot of great changes!  PocketEarth v1.3 will now supports iPhone 5, iOS 6, and include the following new features and enhancements:

    • Routing Enhancements:
      ★ New Quick Route button gives you the most common routing options in a convenient, easy to use menu
      ★ True multi-stop routes with unlimited mid-way destinations
      ★ True route control points (drag from anywhere on route line to control what streets the route takes)
      ★ Redesigned Route Panel offers more information, and easy to change transport mode.
      ★ Play button enables you to do GPS navigation hands free using a pre-created route (when GPS is enabled)
      ★ Contacts integration so you can create routes and pins using the addresses stored on your contacts
    • Track Recording:
      ★ Dedicated record/stop button (when GPS is enabled)
      ★ Resumable track recording lets you record separate disconnected track segments anytime
      ★ Unlimited waypoints and markers
      ★ More information including: altitude (ascent, descent, net gain), max speed
      ★ Background recording no longer limited to 10 minutes
    • Pins:
      ★ New pin creation model: Press and hold anywhere on map to mark a location, then tap: Star button to save it, Route button to use it in a route, Flag button to use it as a waypoint in a track
      ★ New pin detail view with a notes field (great for keeping travel notes, may include phone numbers and website URLs)
      ★ Change pin icon and color
      ★ View and create pins from lower zoom levels
    • Map Enhancements:
      ★ Added GPS location accuracy circle
      ★ Faster and more fluid panning & zooming
      ★ Up to 500% faster tile rendering in certain worse cases
      ★ Full support for OSM MP REL inner rings, correcting thousands of missing or incorrect map objects
      ★ Advanced setting to enable place highlighting so you can see exactly what area will be downloaded
      ★ RTL text support for Hebrew map labels
    • Basic Sharing:
      ★ Share the current map view from Settings
      ★ Share any Pin or POI
      ★ Shared content is sent via email, and can be viewed on our new website maps, or directly in PocketEarth
      ★ Email GPX export
    • Other:
      ★ New Distance Measurement tool. Just press and hold with two fingers on the map to activate.
      ★ 30-60% faster Near By search; search field responds instantly
      ★ DD, DM, DMS, MGRS, UTM/UPS, and Geohash coordinate display on map and on Info Panel for POIs & Pins
      ★ Coordinate Search using DMS wheels, and freeform text entry in all common formats
      ★ Sorting options in Favorites lists
      ★ Improved formatting and information for Airports in the Info Panel
      ★ Unlimited Notes field on fav POIs, Pins, Routes, and Tracks
      ★ Recent Address and Coordinate searches
      ★ Support for Dutch and Czech languages
      ★ Fixed GPS issue when not connected to another network
      ★ Disabled compass calibration warnings by default (setting to re-enable it)
      ★ Updated Help Manual
      ★ Reduced foreground and background memory usage and fixed all reported or known crashes
      ★ Other minor enhancements and bug fixes
    • Topics: 32
    • Replies: 799
    PocketEarth v1.4 adds the following enhancements:

    • GPX Import (pins and tracks)
    • CSV Import/Export (pins)
    • Bug fixes
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    When can we expect this version to be released, thanks.

    • Topics: 32
    • Replies: 799

    The features mentioned here are for PocketEarth v1.3 and v1.4 which were released some months ago!  Our next update v1.5 will be released in the next few weeks, and you can view the features list for it here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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