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    This 1.5 version and data upgrades are great! I’m slogging through adding details to all my Pins. Neato!

    However, when I looked through the Facebook photo tour and read the upgrades list for new features, I see that my v1.5 doesn’t have some of them, or perhaps I don’t know how to implement them, or maybe some are iPhone only? (I use an iPad with iOS 6.1.3.)

    1. I don’t have the “New favorites type filtering menu.” My Favorites (accessed by tapping the Star Icon on the map, correct?) open to the old v1.4 view: whatever category was last chosen in the tabs at the bottom. I cannot access the drop-down menu shown on the Photo Tour.

    2. Photo 9’s menu shows a category called My Listings. Photo 12 shows a palette labeled My Listings. That category doesn’t appear in my Favorites.

    3. Photo 12’s text claims I can drag ‘n’ drop reorder. I tap the Favorites/Star button,  tap the tab for User sort mode, tap the Edit button, tap a Pin, and the only thing that happens is that the red check mark turns on. If I tap-and-hold, the keyboard comes up for editing the Pin name. So I can’t figure out how to drag ‘n’ drop reorder.

    There may be a few other things in the recently posted list of new features, but before I bother my old head too much, did I do something wrong? Is there another update I need to do? Pocket Earth on my iPad tells me I have “v1.5”


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    Hi BuckyE,

    A few of the new features require the in-app data update. Specifically, you need the data update in order to see the latest set of grouped Map Layers, to see the new sub-categories in Nearby search, and to see the new icons on the map for the 20 or so POI types we added.
    Otherwise, to answer your points:
    1. The new filtering menu is only on iPhone currently. On iPad there is a lot more space available and we left the tab bar at bottom for now. It offers all the same options as the drop down menu. To access the new “All Favorites” view, you can tap on the selected tab to deselect it. 

    2. We renamed My Listings at the last minute to the more standard terminology “My POI”.

    3. Sounds like you almost got it! Just you have to tap and hold and drag from the right side of the item. See attached SS for illustration.

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    Ah, thank you. I see how all those things work. It’s amazing how many details there are: I think I never drilled down to the Favorites Star > My POI/My PIns > User Sort > Edit Mode to show the three-bar-dragging-handles!

    Good Lord! Are other people savvy enough to find/figure out this stuff? I’m verging on too old to catch on without a much more detailed Help Manual.

    This app is incredible. Totally incredible. Can’t thank you enough. Hah, just wait until I figure out how to database the immense heaps of travel info I’ve collected in Adobe Illustrator maps and Adobe InDesign docs and move it to Pins in Pocket Earth. I’ll be unstoppable!

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