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    I would like to see a couple of new features.

    Important to me would be public transportation routes (trains, buses, metro).  Offmaps has this.  However, their app is always crashing, so that is not acceptable.
    Of lessor importance, but I would still like to see (perhaps easier for you), is a way to turn off the “W” without deleting the wikipedia data.  In some cities the “W” overwhelms the map.  I would like to turn off a wikipedia layer when I’m not looking for that. 

    One other thing is an address facility, like you have for routes, to drop a pin.  My experience with the single pin location box is that is does not find an address.  So, I need to start a route, then I guess due to the separate fields for address, city, country etc, it finds the address.  Then I need to cancel the route.

    Thanks for a great app
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    Thanks for the feedback! We would like to do public transport route overlays, but do not have a specific timeline for this feature yet. We will let you know once it has been placed on our roadmap!

    You can hide the Wikipedia ‘W’ icons already, albet it is a bit hidden feature. Go to Settings > Map Layers > Wikipedia > OFF.  This will only hide them, and not uninstall the dataset.
    For address searching, you should go to Search > Addresses tab > click on the blue Search icon at top right. This will give you the same multi-field form as for routing (which does yield much better results than a single field). Once you select your result, you can tap the Star icon to save it.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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