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    When I import a gpx route, I cannot start it to use it for navigation. When I manually create a route within the app I get a play button and voice commands. Is there a way to navigate according to an importen gpx file?
    Second questions: When I import this gpx route and I just start cycling following the line AND also recording; my route is added to the imported route; though I want to an own route file for it. Anyone any idea how to AND follow a route AND recording one?

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    1. You cannot navigate an imported GPX-file. In my opinion this is not a real problem since the map and position arrow are very clearly visible, also in the sunlight. Anticipating on a next turn just by looking in the map works very well.
    2. When you select an existing track and switch off Hidden (Verberg op de kaart) the track will stay visible when not selected. This way you can create a new track while following the existing one. (When you go to Settings » GPS & Compass you can switch off Track Auto Hidden and Route Auto Hidden. This will leave any imported or created track or route visible by default.)
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    Hallo Johan, bedankt! 1. That’s right, but then I miss the text- and audio navigation. I do not understand, why the usual navigation is not available there. 2. That sounds like a good idea. I will test this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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