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    Not exactly a bug, because it does work, but kind of wasting time?

    I’m downloading the happy new updated map data –thank the team very much for that good thing!– and notice that during a download of several U.S. states, and other countries, etc. PE was downloading “Maps for routes.” All the routes were in U.S. states that were going to be downloaded in their entirety.

    It might make more sense to have the app download Destinations, then check to see if data for Routes was complete.

    Perhaps this duplication of effort isn’t noticeable for folks with good fast data connections. But it might get to be if someone had a lot of routes saved!

    Or maybe I’m not understanding things correctly. I’m presuming that the downloading “Maps for routes” is actually downloading map data that was going to be downloaded anyway. Sorry to interrupt if that’s not correct!

    Thanks for a great app.

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    Well, PocketEarth is smart enough to never download the same data twice, but your right it does report via the download panel that it is downloading overlapping maps.

    I think in the next app update we will change this so it gives a single download progress saying “Updating Maps”, and not give the details about individual destination and route/track map downloads, nor the popup messages when each one has finished. This seems like it would be less confusing, less annoying, and easier to see at a glance how much of the total update has been downloaded already.
    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Thank you for your concern. I actually liked being able to see the download percentages for each Destination. But you are right, it would be handier to know the overall percentage, and even handier to know both the overall and the individual data amounts PE is projecting it will need to download.

    What would be ideal, from the point of view of someone still struggling with a data cap, would be the ability to update Destinations individually, and know beforehand what the data amounts were going to be. But that’s another story!

    Thanks for all the hard work the team does on this terrific app!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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