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    iOS 6.0.1 iPad 2
    PE- Most recent version

    The application has run perfectly with no crashes, or issues including upgrading from iOS 5 to 6. Even then, I was reluctant to upgrade because PE is one of the app’s I use for my work (I’ve worked with ESRI products and Web GIS for some time) and did not want to risk stabiliy issues.

    I just had my first app crash that I cannot recover from. The app crashes on every startup. It is no longer usable. The app crashed and terminated it’s existence while calculating a route. I have 2 weeks of work I’m afraid is lost. Do not want to uninstall and reinstall assuming my data will be deleted. Is there any way I can recover my points and labels before deleting and reinstalling the app? Maybe I’ve missed something I should have been aware of at the onset.

    From reading the forum, it appears that you are working on a viable data backup option (I hope Dropbox is one of them) that will be available with the next release. In a few days?

    Feedback, options like within the next few minutes… have some important decisions to make… Thank you…

    BTW, PE is a great product…

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    Thanks for reporting this issue, its the first we have gotten about startup time crashes and we are investigating what might have happened. Our next update v1.4 will be available soon (within next 2 weeks) and we will try to correct this issue if possible. v1.4 will include export and import options for GPX and CSV formats, though intended for general import/export needs, not as backup/restore system (you will be able to backup/restore My Pins via CSV, but for other other data, GPX is a “lossy” format).  Unfortunately a real backup/restore solution and multi device sync support will still be another month or two before its ready. 

    Deleting and reinstalling PocketEarth will cause loss of all favorites and data. I believe you can recover from an iTunes backup (generated automatically every time you sync), though this is device wide restore, not per app so may cause you trouble by loosing some recent data in other apps as well as in PocketEarth.
    We are very sorry for the inconvenience. If you can wait for our next update v1.4, hopefully it will be able to correct the startup time crash allowing you to open the App and all your data.
    • Topics: 32
    • Replies: 799

    PocketEarth v1.4 is now available. Please let us know if you continue to have this issue!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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