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    I’ve been searching the forum, and perhaps my search is not specific enough! So I hope you won’t mind my asking a somewhat ignorant question.

    I just checked my data status, and am told my maps have an update of about 4 gb available. Sadly, my ISP’s draconian data cap makes it impossible to do that all at one go. And just at the moment, I don’t really need to upate all my maps, just thost that are relevant to an upcoming trip. AND, in general I’d like to know if an “update” can be done without redownloading all the map data. The last question is mostly just curiosity, I guess!

    So, is there a way to “update” a single map, or should I just un-star/delete the map and redownload? And if I did that, would I get the new version?

    And, I suppose I should say that being given a kind of generic notice that I have 4 gb of “updates” available doesn’t really tell me what, specifically, is going to be updated. In my case, I think 4 gb is about the total for all my saved map data. That kind of implies all of my map data will be REPLACED. Which I don’t need to do now!

    So any advice would be appreciated.

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    Data in Pocket Earth is always tied to a specific version. Updates update all data to the latest version, and may or may not include maps, travel guides, and other information such as nearby category definitions.  The update alert does say what general type of updates are available and how big each type is.  If Maps have been updated it will say so and it will be a planet wide maps update for any places you have green starred.

    The best I can suggest for the moment is to only keep cached offline the maps you need for the moment and delete the rest so you aren’t forced to upgrade maps you don’t need anymore.
    • Topics: 63
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    Thank you! I’ve been looking at the My Maps side menu and realizing that I can use its functions to “update=redownload” individual maps. (Yes, the general alert does give me the size of types of data but that wasn’t my immediate concern.) So actually all is cool and froody.

    I have a whole bunch of maps I like to keep for research and trip planning purposes! And now I see that I can “update=replace” each one individually.

    It might be an idea to work on a new, more informative Alert that would bundle in a Tip telling me I can use the side Menu to “update” my maps individually. But that’s a concern for the future.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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