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    Hi all,

    There is something that puzzles me for a long time (and even more my wife – she get’s crazy about this!!!). Consider the following scenario:

    .* I’m sitting at home, planning my next trip, let’s say to Fidji. I download the map find the place where I want to go, look a round, and all the sudden, I hit by error the GPS-button. (Maybe I want to select I POI in the vicinity, may I want to go to the side menu but I’m too stupid to hit the right button).

    .* So PE takes me all the way from Fidji home …. and I completely lost where I was. I switch GPS off, and go all the way back to Fidji. If I’m stupid enough, this can happen several times …

    Question: Are we the only ones who are that stupid? (and really, believe me, we are, this is one of the major usability issue we face. I never dared to talk about it, because it’s so stupid, and because I really do not see a good solution)

    Today, again, and I got angry, so I thought about it. A solution might be:

    .* if I hit the GPS button, switch GPS on, but don’t shift the map.

    .* once the GPS gets reasonably stable (e.g. treshold 500m), compare the GPS location to the current map center. If the difference of the two is reasonable small (let’s say 2 or 5 km), PE can assume that I’m looking at the place where I am, and can automatically switch to the GPS location (as today).

    .* if the difference between actual map centre and GPS location is bigger than the treshold, and PE should assume that I’m looking at another region than I’m currently am in, and thus ask me, if I want to shift to the GPS location or if I want to stay where I am (and maybe switch GPS off).

    => maybe this sounds complicated? Maybe it’s a nuisance for people you never do this mistake and often use the GPS button to switch to the current location (i very much use this as well, this is to be honest the most frequent use for the GPS – “just bring me home” – I would say it’s 25% error and 75% intended. But if I do it by error, it’s so much more pain to find the place where I was, than it would be to hit a confirmation in the other 75%. But maybe this needs a option to switch this check/warning on or off?).

    => resumee: really important to me. But if I’m the only one that is that stupid, forget about it. If this happens to others as well: please, don’t be shy and speak out here!!!


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