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    Great feature! Is there a way to make groups of groups? For sub-categories of Groups? Thanks for any help anyone could give!

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    We decided not to allow sub-groups as it complicates a number of things in the UI and thought it would cause more confusion than its worth for some users.  

    Groups are always listed in the Favorites alphabetically, so you can make use of this so that groups are ordered together. For example, if you wanted to make a group called Trips with subgroups for different places you’ve been, you can label all of the groups like “Trip: Germany”, “Trip: France”, then at least all your Trips will be ordered together at ‘T’ in the list of groups. You can also then use the search for “Trip” if you like to show all of your Trip groups…
    We are planning to add some “automatic grouped views” in one of our coming updates, so you can choose to see “All Favorites by Location” or “My POI by Category”.
    Also note that you can list pins and other items under multiple groups.  A favorite POI for a restaurant for example could be listed under multiple groups like “Best Restaurants” and also under “Places I visited in 2012” and under “Trip: France”, etc.
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    Oh, I’m using the old alpha-numeric sorting work-around already! Thank you, yes.

    Maps: Europe
    Maps: US
    Pins: — Family & Friends (word space/double hyphen/word space to drive this Cat to top of “Pins:” category)
    Pins: England
    Pins: England – London
    Pins: France
    Pins: US – Maryland
    Pins: US – New York, New York

    I’m an old hand at that! But I didn’t think of using the Search to show only certain categories! Excellent suggestion, thanks.

    Multiple Grouping I’ve figured out. Incredibly handy, especially for those of us who are becoming more memory challenged every day!      ;^)

    I’ll be fascinated to explore the utility of your “automatic grouped views” function. I tend to be very old school/literal in my computer use. (It took me forever to admit that Mac OS Spotlight was as or more useful than my obsessive Finder organizing.)  So thanks immensely for helping to drag me into the New World of Info Handling!

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    Yes, I’ve latched onto the idea of sub grouping in this way, but I use the 2 letter international code (look it up in Wikipedia).

    AU Airport
    AU Marina
    AU POI

    EG Airport
    EG Marina
    EG POI

    FR Airport
    FR Marina
    FR POI

    US Airport
    US Marina
    US POI

    etc. ad infinitum

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    Ah, interesting. This is what’s fascinating about Information Management!

    If you look back, you see my Groups are initially based on Kinds of Objects: Maps(Destinations), Pins, POI (although I didn’t include that category in my list above). Then on geography/location.

    Whereas your list is based on geography, then on Kinds of Objects. I assume you also have a Group for your Destinations (maps) in each country code?

    AU Airport
    AU Marina
    AU POI
    AU Destin/Maps


    Thanks for the tip on international country codes. Fascinating how each of us approaches the same goal from different perspectives!

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