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    Disclaimer: I just got Pocket Earth and my GPS device today so sorry if this is just my ignorance.

    The problem: Hit the geolocate button and it stays gray ~forever. No current location displayed.

    I am using an Ipod Touch 4 running IOS 6.1.3, Pocket Earth 1.6, and a Dual XGPS150/A.
    I checked that location services were on in settings. Also verified that Pocket earth was enabled as well. The GPS device is indeed paired with the Bluetooth on the iPod. The little app that comes from Dual indicates a good strong GPS location.
    Am I missing something? 
    PS Other than this issue the app looks really nice. I hope we can work this out.
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    Oh, one more thing. I loaded MotionX before I tried Pocket Earth. That worked with my GPS device but the app blows in my opinion. Anyway, I am pretty sure that the GPS and the Ipod are working together in a reasonable fashion. Just no communication with Pocket Earth. 🙁

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    Found this on Apple Support Communities. It did work although I had to do it a couple of times to pair with the 150. I don’t get what is going on here but it smells like the problem is Apple’s not Dual’s. Is there any data to suggest that an upgrade to IOS 7 might be more user friendly? I realize that it’s pretty early to know how IOS 7 is going to act but thought I’d ask.

    Jul 25, 2013 6:10 PM (in response to thymjan)

    Good News!


    Today I received an email from Dual which simply fixed the problem with the external bluetooth gps receiver!


    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Turn bluetooth-device off

    2. On iOS device go to Settings->Bluetooth and find your external gps device, tap on the blue arrow, than tap on “Forget this device”

    3. Close all applications

    4. Hold power-off-button an swipe to shut down your iOS device

    5. Turn it on again

    6. Turn on your external Bluetooth GPS-receiver

    7. Go to Settings->Bluetooth find your gps-receiver an tap on it to pair

    8. Here we go! GPS-receiving should work again!


    Thanks you guys at Dual!

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    Many of our users have reported that the Dual XGPS works great with PocketEarth, but some of them have reported some initial issues getting it running. It seems to be some issues with iOS itself. These users have reported than one or more of the following corrected the issue:

    • Update the Dual XGPS firmware to the latest version (see manufactures instructions on doing this).
    • From the Home screen double tap the Home button, and close all running apps. Then press and hold the power button to turn off your device. Press again to turn it back on. Also turn off and back on your GPS device.
    • Reset your device settings (Settings App > General > Reset > Reset All Settings). Note this does reset all device settings, you will need to set again your wallpapers, cellular settings, etc. Perhaps first try only to Reset Location & Privacy.
    After doing 1 or more of the above, re-pair the bluetooth devices, and test with the manufacture’s app, and then with another GPS app such as the built in Maps app.
    Please let us know if this helps, and what specifically fixes the issue for you so we can better advise our users.
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    Okay, I didn’t see your latest comment. Glad to hear you got it working, and thanks for posting the info about it!

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    Well, that was very interesting. I have been having the exact same issue with my iPod Touch and a Bad Elf Pro BT GPS. The posted cure worked for me

    I suspect this may be a recurring issue as it all worked well for several months before manifesting itself

    I think it is also going to cure a similar problem with another app that has had problems accepting data from the GPS

    I wonder if Apple are interested?

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