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    Is there a simple way to use a track (imported via gpx file) to create a Route?

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    Hi jfortune52, There are three ways to import gpx files to your Pocket Earth app:

    1. Via iTunes: If you open iTunes and go to the Apps tab a section at the bottom lists the apps that can accept files. Click on Pocket Earth and then either drag the file there or use the Add button to browse and upload the file
    2. Via cable to iPad/iPhone: When iPad or iPhone is connected via USB to your computer, iTunes automatically sends the file to your Pocket Earth app and it then appears in a list of importable files in the app.
    3. You can also use the “Open In..” functionality of any other app that supports it. For example, you can tap on a GPX attachment in the Mail app and chose to Open In.. Pocket Earth. Also from the Dropbox app and many others.

    I hope that helps 🙂 Let me know how you go!

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    I suspect the OP has been able to import the .gpx file but now wishes to convert it from a track to a route – or maybe I misread him?

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    Dear Kritou,

    Sounds to me as though you are correct: “Use a track…to create a Route.” And the short answer, I believe, is no. Tracks and Routes are two different things and they don’t translate from one to the other. (Maybe because at the moment, PE isn’t creating Routes? Not sure!)

    This has been discussed in other threads. I could search for them if the OP wishes!


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    I asked a comparable question some month before. But I get no answer. It seems to me that there is no way to import a GPX-file as a route. Although at the manual in the import/export section is written, that you can.

    Within the import function there is a switch for importing the GPX-file as a path or not. I think, “not as a path” means, to import it as a route. But anyway if I select yes or not, always the file will be imported as a path 🙁

    But it makes no sense, if you use such an imported path to start recording your own path. PE will record your way in addition (min & km) to the imported path. And the imported path has the same colour like your recorded path.

    I think this function is buggy.

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    I receive many Garmin gpx route files from members of our motorcycling group, so the ability to convert these into PE routes would be a major plus

    Surely there must be a program, app or website that can sequentially strip out all waypoints, via points and map points from a file and then submit them for conversion by the routing engine into a route?

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    Yes, the Manual is confusing.

    “For GPX Import, you will be given the option to import all data in the GPX file as a Single Track object, or seperately as multiple (possibly thousands, depending on the GPX file) pins and routes into a new Group.”

    I’m pretty sure the word “routes” as used above should be “tracks.” In other words, the GPX can come in as one long Track (possibly with Pins if they exist in the GPX) or just a mess of individual objects, Grouped. But not as a Route, which has navigation instructions in it.

    Users are asking for the ability to import GPX as Routes-with-navigation. See, for example, http://pocketearth.com/forums/topic/update/ , which explains some of this stuff. But for now, a GPX can’t be imported as a navigation-enabled PE Route.


    It sounds, in theory, as if it ought to be possible. But I imagine it would be a nightmare to implement.

    “The minimum properties for a GPX file are latitude and longitude for every single point. All other elements are optional. Some vendors, such as Hummingbird and Garmin, use extensions to the GPX format for recording street address, phone number, business category, air temperature, depth of water, and other parameters.” –Wikipedia.

    I think GPX, as an XML schema, does not specify how the file is to be constructed. There can be a jumble of tracks, in no particular geographical, logical order. How would PE know what was supposed to the start and end point of a putative route? That way lies madness!

    ;^) 😉

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