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    Vielen Dank für den Hinweis! Wir werden den Fehler mit unserer
    nächstgrößeren Aktualisierung beheben.

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    [Edited to reflect the simpler v2.0 procedure!]
    PocketEarth allows you to download as many countries, regions or cities as you like in full detail. There are few ways to do it:
    1. Find a place you want to download using any one of these methods:
       •  Go to the main menu and tap All Maps. Enter a text search and/or tap on a continent and drill down to the place you want offline!
       •  When zoomed out to a wide view on the map tap the place on the map you want and it will be displayed in the Info Panel at the top of the screen.
       •  To download the place you are currently viewing on the map, go to the main menu, and it will be listed above All Maps in the Maps section. Tap on it to select.
    2. Tap the star icon on the place you have chosen in step 1. Pocket Earth will ask you if you want to download it for offline use!
    3. This place will now be listed in the My Maps section of the main menu and will show a color coded star to reflect its offline map cache status:
       • A Green star indicates that all map data for the Destination has been downloaded and is available offline.
       • A Yellow star indicates the download is in progress and will turn green when it completes.
       • A Red star indicates that the maps will not be downloaded in full because you declined to download them.
    Wikipedia & Guides:
    If you have enabled Wikipedia Articles in Settings > Manage Data > Wikipedia > ON, then all articles will be downloaded automatically for all destinations with a green or yellow star and will display on the map.  Wikivoyage Travel Guides work a bit differently, its a single download including all guides over the world! These guides are listed in the Guides section of main menu.
    Pocket Earth now offers a way to download more overview maps for the whole world. This is mainly useful if you like checking out many places over the earth or want to use it as an offline atlas.  Just go to Settings > More Settings and enable Increased Base Map Cache in the Advanced section.   Technically what this is doing is simply downloading and caching all the low/mid resolution maps from zoom levels 0 – 9 (when setting is off, it only stores 0 – 6 globally for offline use).
Viewing 2 posts - 481 through 482 (of 482 total)

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